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RALEIGH, NC, May 21, 2012 (Water Tech) — N.C. could experience great risks on drinking water during hydraulic fracturing

Groundwater at N.J. Superfund site could still be dangerous

WARREN COUNTY, NJ, May 7, 2012 (Water Tech) — Untreated private water in Warren County, N.J. could potentially increase the risk of cancer and birth defects, according toThe Express-Times.

Groundwater at the Pohatcong Valley Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site was deemed safe to drink by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, but there is still reason for concern for private water users, noted the article.

The aquifer that supplies most of the county with water is contaminated with tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene and the impact of these contaminants depends on the type of water treatment, stated the article.
To be safe, public water sources and private wells should use a POE system, according to the article.
Multi-Pure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International, under Standard 53, to reduce Tetrachloroethylene and Trichloroethylene, VOC's.

Vermont close to becoming first U.S. state to ban fracking for natural gas

MONTPELIER, VT, May 9, 2012 (Water Tech) — The state of Vermont is preparing to become the first U.S. state to successfully ban hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, according to the Environment News Service.

A May 4 vote of 103-36 by the Vermont House of Representatives secured the approval needed to send the measure to the desk of Governor Peter Shumlin who is expected to sign the law, stated the article.

“We don’t want to be shooting chemicals into our groundwater in pursuit of gas that does not exist,” Governor Shumlin said Friday after the House vote.

Study shows toxic substances finding way to Columbia River through treatment plants

SEATTLE, WA, May 10, 2012 (Water Tech) — A recent study shows that more than 100 toxic substances are working their way into the Columbia River through wastewater treatment plants, according to the Seattle Times.

“In the past people thought of pollution in the river in terms of smokestack industry on the river or dirty pipes,” said Jennifer Morace, the U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist who was lead investigator on the study. “This links it back to what we do in our everyday lives, what goes down the drain and to the wastewater treatment plant, and the fact they were not designed to remove the new or emerging contaminants.”

N.J. American water switching from free chlorine to chloramines in certain counties

VOORHEES, NJ, May 11, 2012 (Water Tech) — New Jersey American Water customers will notice a less chlorinated smell and taste to their drinking water starting May 28, according to a press release.

The company will be changing its water treatment disinfectant for customers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties from free chlorine to chloramines, stated the release.

“The use of chloramine is new to our customers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, but it is a water treatment process that has been in use for 90 years. Chloramine is used in other areas of New Jersey American Water's distribution system and is common across the U.S. and other utilities in New Jersey,” said Steve Schmitt, New Jersey American Water's vice president of operations.
Multi-Pure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International, under Standard 53, to reduce Chloramine.

NGWA urges private well owners to test water regularly for contaminants

WESTERVILLE, OH, May 14, 2012 (Water Tech) — The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) said private water well owners should test their water regularly for bacteria, nitrate and anything of local concern, citing the possibility of arsenic and uranium in some central and northeastern Massachusetts bedrock wells, according to a press release.
If well owners find arsenic or uranium at levels that exceed health benchmarks, the substances can be treated effectively, said NGWA in the release.

It was reported this week (May7-11) that only 10 of about 1,500 owners of private wells in Northborough, Mass. tested their water for arsenic and uranium in response to a letter sent to all residents a year ago by Jamie Terry, board of health agent, stated the release.
Multi-Pure Commentary:
Multi-Pure’s MP880 and MP750 Plus RO has been certified by NSF International, under Standard 53, to reduce Arsenic

Bottled water company to pay $2 million for using unfiltered water

KONA, HI, May 16, 2012 (Water Tech) — Koyo USA, a company that sells bottled water from the ocean off Kona, Hawaii, has agreed to pay a $2 million settlement to the department of health for using unfiltered water, according to KHON 2 News.

The initial fine was over $5 million against the company being accused by the state of diverting concentrated ocean water that had been rejected by its reverse osmosis system, stated the article.

“For reasons no one can understand or explain a small bypass was put in taking some of the unfiltered water into the final drinking product,” said Department of Health Deputy Director of Environmental Health Gary Gill.

N.C. could experience great risks on drinking water during hydraulic fracturing

RALEIGH, NC, May 21, 2012 (Water Tech) — A move to allow hydraulic fracturing in the state of North Carolina could create higher risks to its drinking water than in other states, according to the News Observer.

The natural gas reserves are much closer to the groundwater and the rocks could permit potent fracking chemicals to work their way up to pollute the aquifers, stated the article.
This process will take years of planning so state officials can figure out the safest way to conduct fracking practices without hurting residents, farm animals, crops and natural habitats, noted the article.

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In Land of Gas Drilling, Battle for Water That Doesn't Reek or Fizz
New York Times
For the last few years, a small group of farmers and landowners scattered across this rural Wyoming basin have complained that theirwater wells have been contaminated with chemicals from a controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing ...
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Baron and Budd Announces Federal Judge's Preliminary Approval of Settlement in...
MarketWatch (press release)
Under the terms of the proposed settlement, $105 million will be paid to owner/ operators of public water systems based upon the severity ofcontamination. Atrazine is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the United States, with approximately 75 ...
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Water Law: $105 Million Settlement in Water Pollution Lawsuit Between Swiss ...
Circle of Blue WaterNews
The lawsuit, filed in 2010 in US district court in southern Illinois, alleged that Syngenta designed, marketed, and sold atrazine “knowing that it would contaminate public water supplies when used as intended,” according to Bloomberg BNA.
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State of Wyoming offers cisterns to Pavillion area residents
Casper Star-Tribune Online
If the state finds hydraulic fracturing is the cause of the groundwater contamination, it will “take appropriate and swift action,” he said. A full investigation into the water contamination could take up to 10 years, Purcell said.
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State identifies 15 contaminated wells in Atkinson
Eagle Tribune
The state has done periodic testing of the neighborhood wells since 2002, when DES first found chlorinated solvent contaminants in thewater. The state installed water treatment systems in many homes in the neighborhood to solve the problem, ...
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State offers water cisterns to residents near Pavillion
The Ranger
And for those concerned about their First Amendment right to voice ongoing concern about energy industry practices that may have caused water contamination in the area, Purcell had another message. "You can still get a cistern and still raise Cain," he ...
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The Ranger
Exxon Mobil settles with Pascoag residents over water contamination
The Providence Journal
By News staff PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) - A Superior Court judge has approved a settlement that will have Exxon Mobil Corp. pay $7 million to those in the Burrillville village of Pascoag who had their water supplycontaminated with the gasoline additive MTBE ...
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RIALTO: State requests input on perchlorate contamination
BY JANET ZIMMERMAN In response to a push from lawmakers, the State Water Resources Control Board has called a hearing to evaluate progress toward cleaning up widespread perchlorate contamination emanating from a 160-acre industrial site in Rialto.
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High Water Could Bring Higher Bacterial Levels
High water levels can also come with higher bacteria levels, and so higher risks for water-borne illnesses. According to theWater Monitoring Manger Glen Skuta of the MinnesotaPollution Control Agency, bacteria levels in water go up after heavy rains.
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Former military camp toxins found in Lacamas Creek
by Wayne Havrelly VANCOUVER - A Unit 8 investigation uncovered a brand new EPA study that indicates contamination from Camp Bonneville is migrating and has reached surface water in Lacamas Creek. The contamination comes from 80 years of weapons ...
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New test to detect arsenic contamination in drinking water ...
Arsenic is one of the most common elements on Earth and is present as arsenic salts in all water. The World Health Organization sets the safe level for arsenic in drinking water at 10 parts per billion. From the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, ...
University of Cambridge News

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Water contamination reached west Kanagawa | Fukushima Diary
water contamination reached west Kanagawa. 100 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from largemouth bass on 5/26/2012. The bass was taken from Ashinoko lake ...
$1M fine for water contamination - Topix
Two Texas companies have agreed to pay more than $1 million in fines for natural gasoline spills that contaminated waters in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

What is Rolfing exactly?

I have always wanted to get Rolfed. Have a Rolf session? Get a Rolfing treatment. I imagined it to be a treatment where the practitioner had there fingers through my ribs to the back side and vice versa. I did not know really what Rolfing was but I heard that it was painful. I am the kind of person that loves alternative medicine. I love acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and Reiki. I think there is something so fundamentally missing from our culture- connection- and these practices really help the body heal itself.
I have severe problems with my back. They are all self caused. Years of stilettos, waitressing with heavy trays, years of teaching snowboarding and the injuries that incurred,  three babies and gaining and losing 150 lbs through pregnancies.
So I decided that I would try Rolfing. I went to Body Works in Durango and met with Bridget Hendrix, a petite and lovely woman. The space was bright, immaculate and beautifully decorated. She asked me some questions about my health and had me walk around the room. I know that my posture is horrendous. Then I sat on a table that is like a massage table but larger and more comfortable and she began the treatment. I sat on the table as she worked on my colon and other organs. It was very nurturing and felt like a dance. I was instructed to let my body be moved by her hands. It was very relaxing. Then I laid on my back while she worked on different nerves and organs in my stomach area. While I lied on my back she had me work on breathing exercises that filled my whole body. It was eye opening to really see how shallow I breathe on a normal basis.
Last, she rolled me on my side and put pillows between my knees and put me in a comfortable position for my body. Then, she worked on the nerves in my neck and my sides, all the while I was breathing deeply.
When the treatment was over, I walked around the room once more, and I could feel the arches of my feet. Something I have not felt in years. I thanked Bridget and walked outside. I kept on breathing after I left the space and imagined my head being lifted by the sun like a magnificent sun flower reaching the rays. I could feel space in my upper torso, neck and hips. I felt amazing. I had to drive to Farmington, so I kept on breathing and sat up very straight, conscious of my posture, breath, and outlook.
I want to continue this journey and see where it takes me. Rolfing is a healing art that I want to learn more about.

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Law Offices of Brian Cunha & Associates Settles Pascoag MTBE Case Settlement...
MarketWatch (press release)
According to Attorney Brian Cunha, lead Rhode Island counsel, "this finally brings some satisfaction to the citizens of Pascoag after almost 10 years of litigation against Exxon Mobil for the contamination of the Town of Pascoag's water supply.
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Federal Judge Gives Preliminary Approval to $105 Million Atrazine Settlement ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
A federal judge in Southern Illinois granted preliminary approval Wednesday to a national class-action settlement over contamination of drinking water by the weed killer atrazine that will distribute $105 million to community water systems (CWS) ...
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Fairview Beach safe, for now
Fredericksburg.com (blog)
By RUSTY DENNEN With another swimming season under way, Fairview Beach has already posted one advisory because of bacterialcontamination in the water. But it's safe to go in the water this weekend, health department officials say.
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EPA and Precision reach settlement for cleanup
Scranton Times-Tribune
By Laura Legere (Staff Writer) A settlement announced Thursday between the US Environmental Protection Agency and Precision National Plating Services commits the company to continued cleanup of groundwater and surface water contaminated by the former ...
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How's The Water: May 30, 2012
Massapequan Observer
“How is the Water?” is a question people are asking Island-wide and nationwide. Nitrogen pollution is an increasing threat to the quality of our drinking water, and the water in our harbors and bays. Environmentalists, scientists and government leaders ...
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Howarth To Congress: More Research Needed To Address Widespread Signs Of ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Groundwater contamination: There are several reports ofcontamination of drinking water wells and surface aquifers by fracking fluids, particularly in Pennsylvania and in Colorado. A recently published model suggests there may also be a threat of ...
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Guam Public Health Orders Removal of ALL Korean Shellfish From Store Shelves ...
Pacific News Center
As a result, "shellfish harvested from Korean waters may have been exposed to human fecal waste and have the potential to becontaminated with norovirus." Public Health is currently conducting inspections of local retail and wholesale facilities to ...
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Judge gives preliminary OK to herbicide settlement
By JIM SUHR A federal judge in southern Illinois has given preliminary approval to a $105 million settlement between Syngenta and communitywater systems in six states over the presence of one of the Swiss chemical maker's popular agricultural ...
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Boil-water advisory lifted in Homeland Park
Anderson Independent Mail
A boil-water advisory in the Homeland Park Water and Sewer District has been lifted. Water samples were shown to be clear ofcontamination, according to a statement the district released Thursday. The advisory was issued Tuesday after construction ...
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Mizner Trail golf course contamination concerns unresolved
Sun Sentinel (blog)
The DEP's contamination concerns center on the site of an old golf course maintenance facility which burned down in 1995 and then was rebuilt. State regulators say the arsenic contamination likely occurred as a result of the fire. Water sampling showed ...
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Homeowners, utility compensated for well contamination | Turn to 10
Exxon Mobil makes a settlement over contaminated water in ...
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Motion to recuse in Range Resources water contamination case
Reporters are asking me about a motion to recuse Judge Trey Loftin in the Lipsky case where Range Resources contaminated water in Parker County. I didn't ...