The City of Houston is investigating complaints from dozens of people who say their drinking water turned gray and smelled musty over the weekend.
Concerned residents living in Westbury and surrounding neighborhoods flooded 311 with calls after discovering the change in the appearance and taste of their water.
"I went to get a glass of water through the water filter, and I noticed I couldn't see through the glass. It was pretty cloudy. I thought, I'm not going to drink this," said Paul Nylund.
Other families said they planned to stock up on bottled water and avoid taking baths until they know what is causing the problem.
"I was using bottled water to make coffee and to feed my dogs, give my dogs water," said Jim Stamos.
Late Monday, a spokesman for the city's public works department issued a statement to assure residents the water is safe to consume and meets all national and state standards.
"PWE water quality professionals have concluded that the change is attributable to increased levels of a naturally-occurring compound in our upstream surface water supplies which is known to cause earthy or musty tastes and odors," said Gary Norman.
According to the statement, the public works department is currently evaluating treatment options as well as monitoring the upstream water supply.