Saturday, August 1, 2009

bottled water

What About Bottled Water?
750 gallons of Bottled Water = $2,132.82
750 gallons of Multi-Pure filtered water = $59.95
per gallon
Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems 8¢
Pitchers/Carafes 20¢
Water Vending Machine 25¢
Home Delivered Bottled Water $1.71
Domestic “Purified” Bottled Water $2.23
Imported Bottled Water $3.84
Costs are averaged, based on several
different brands of bottled water.
*Complete cost comparison analysis available on request
150 five-gallon bottles
750 gallons of water would be equivalent to:
Compare those costs to
$59.95 for
a Multi-Pure replacement filter
which customers purchase
once a year!
8,000 twelve
ounce bottles
12,000 eight
ounce bottles
San Francisco Chronicle, January 17, 2007
by David Lazarus (excerpts)
Americans spent an estimated $11 billion last year drinking
8.3 billion gallons of bottled water, according to Beverage
Marketing Corp., the leading compiler of facts and figures
about the beverage industry. That means the average
American consumed almost 28 gallons of bottled water.
So great is our thirst for the stuff that Americans now drink
more bottled water than any other commercial beverage
except carbonated soft drinks -- more than milk, more than
coffee, more than beer. And the trend shows no sign of
abating. Within a decade, says Gary Hemphill, managing
director of Beverage Marketing Corp. in New York, bottled
water could overtake soda as the leading beverage in the
United States. (The average American currently drinks
more than 50 gallons of soda annually.) "The single
biggest factor driving sales of bottled water is health and
wellness," he said. "People see it as a healthy alternative."
The bottled water industry that takes a free liquid that falls
from the sky and sells it for as much as four times what we
pay for gas," said Richard Wilk, a professor of anthropology
at Indiana University who has studied the bottled-water
There is a perception that bottled water is “safer than tap
water;” however the standards for bottled water, established
by the Food and Drug Administration, are very similar
to the standards, set by the USEPA, for tap water. In
fact, about 25% of bottled water is actually tap water that
has been processed and repackaged. Bottled water is
expensive; bottled-water prices average about $2.84 per
gallon. At that rate, 750 gallons of bottled water would cost
$2,132.82. Filtering your own water with a drinking water
system is certainly a more economical solution.
8¢ per gallon
Cost = $7.48 per gallon
$5,610 for 750 gallons
Cost = $1.71 per gallon
$1,282 for 750 gallons Cost = $3.55 per gallon
$2,662 for 750 gallons

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